To start your return, or exchange, you'll need your shipment zip code and six-digit order number. They can be found in your order and shipment confirmation emails, as well as on the receipt in the package. 

Drop Off at a Return Bar...

Our recommended option for returns and exchanges. It is super easy, fast and you do not need to print a label or package-up your items. 

Select your order items for return and/or exchange in the Returns Portal, generate the QR code, and bring your items to a local Return Bar (5,000+ locations nationwide!). They will review and inspect the items, and process on-the-spot if they meet the Return & Exchange Policy requirements.

Helpful Hint: Have the return confirmation email with the QR code open and ready-to-go when you arrive at the Return Bar, they will need to scan it to process the return. 

Search Return Bar drop off locations: Return Bar Locations

...or Send Back Via FedEx Shipping

If there is not a Return Bar near you, select your order items for return and/or exchange in the Returns Portal, generate and print a FedEx shipping label, package-up the items, apply the label to the return package, then drop off at a local FedEx location. 

Make sure to include the packing-slip that prints with the label so we can identify the order upon its return. When the items arrive back to our returns department, we will inspect the items and approve if they meet the Return Policy requirements.  

Search FedEx drop off locations: FedEx Locations

*Please note that return labels are not available for locations outside the 50 US states.

Return Policy

Items are eligible for a refund or exchange for 60-days from the order date if they meet the following criteria. Order shipping costs are not refundable. 

  • Apparel - Must be in new condition, defined as unworn, unwashed with the tags included and free of any stains, odors or markings. 
  • Footwear - Must be in new condition, defined as unworn with no dirt, odors, stains or markings, and returned in the original, undamaged shoe box. Do not tape-up the shoe box and use it as the shipping box. Place the shoe box inside a shipping box as it was shipped to you. 
  • Socks & Underwear - Socks and underwear are not returnable for a refund or exchange if they are removed from the packaging.
  • Sunglasses - Must be secured in the original packaging to be eligible for a return or exchange.  
If a returned item does not meet the eligibility requirements above, it will not be approved and we will not refund or exchange the item. Refunds are sent to the form of payment used on the original order, we cannot change where the refund is sent and we are not liable if you have cancelled the form of payment used for the order. Select the site credit option if you no longer have access to the form of payment or it was a gift. 

Excessive Returns Policy

We offer an easy returns process to make your online shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. We monitor the number of returns made by customers and excessive returns and/or abuse of the returns policy will be flagged and may, at our sole discretion, lead to the closure of your account and future orders being declined. 

Carrier Risk of Loss

All items purchased from Man Outfitters are made pursuant to a shipment contract under the Uniform Commercial Code. The risk of loss and title for such items passes solely to the customer upon our initial order package delivery to the shipping carrier. We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen packages. 

Terms & Conditions Subject to Change

We reserve the right to change our Return & Exchange Policy at any time, with or without notice. 

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