Brand Ambassador FAQ's


As a Brand Ambassador, what are my responsibilities?

  • Promote Man Outfitters products, offers and special events within your personal and social networks
  • Act professionally and ethically, and represent the brand in a positive way
  • Follow Man Outfitters on Instagram and as an e-mail subscriber, to stay up-to-date with new arrivals, promotions and special events
  • Must keep your Instagram profile set on “public”  

As a Brand Ambassador, how am I compensated?

  • We believe in "pay for performance," and you will receive commissions on Net Sales generated via your personal and social networks.   
  • You will be assigned an initial commission rate of 10% of Net Sales.
  • Net Sales are defined as the order value of the products purchased, excluding sales tax and shipping, adjusted for any returns or cancelled orders.
  • Each $1 of Net Sales commission, equals 1 point earned.
  • When you reach 100 points, you will receive a $100 Man Outfitters gift card.
  • After achieving 100 points, you will then receive cash commission payments on all Net Sales thereafter as long as you are in the brand ambassador program.
  • To receive cash commission payments, the Ambassador must have an active account on PayPal. 

How are my referrals tracked, and how do I access my account to see how I am performing as a Brand Ambassador?  

  • Your referral orders will be tracked through your custom referral URL link (the referral link will look something like this:, this is an example only).
  • You will also receive a custom referral discount promo code.  
  • To ensure that you get credit for referring others, be sure that they go through your link anytime they want to make a purchase, or make sure they use your dedicated promo code (the promo code is good for one use per customer).  
  • You will have access to a Brand Ambassador Portal, that offers real-time tracking of your activity so you can see how you are doing every time you log-in.